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Rehearsal Footage

When Hip Hop and Contemporary Modern Dance have a love affair, this is what happens.

Dance and Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Footage of Contemporary Dance Workshop

at Dance and Show Company Seewen, Switzerland

Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

with an improvisation part by the dancers

January 9, 2016

Piume excerpt

Dance: Marjorie Macia, Elisa Schreiber, Jitka Vesela, McKenzie Rose

Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Performance: Artbeat event at Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry Street, NYC

March 1, 2014


Promo Video

Dance: Noemi Di Gregorio

Video: Erik Linghede (

Produced: April 2012, NYC 


Liquid Trilogy excerpt

Part 1: Whiskey and Hugs

Part 2: Cider and Talks

Part 3: Tea and You

Dance: Chelsea Koenig, Lester Badenoch

Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Video: Joseph Rodman

Performance: BRACE, Spark Movement Collective, November 21, 2013, University Settlement Speyer Hall, NYC


Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Dance: Sunny Bjaanes, Keiko Hamamura, 

Sara Colomino Gimenez, Lukasz Zieba, Lester Badenoch, Noemi Di Gregorio

Performance: May 2013, Miller Theatre, Columbia University, NYC

Hey! / Rebound

Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Dance: Lester Badenoch, Noemi Di Gregorio

Performance: July 2012, Rigiblick Theatre, Zurich as prepiece of Flowing Dance Company


Rehearsal snippets

Dance: Noemi Di Gregorio

Whiskey and Hugs (rehearsal)

Choreography: Noemi Di Gregorio

Dance: Lester Badenoch

Rehearsal: March 2013, Mark Morris Dance Studio, NYC

For Rosa

Choreography and Dance: Noemi Di Gregorio

Performance: August 2010, NY Fringe Festival, NYC

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