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Noemi Di Gregorio, half Italian, half Swiss, received her dance education at Zurich Dance Theatre School and in New York City, where she studied the Limón technique (Limón Institute) and different contemporary styles.

Performing has brought Noemi to the US, Asia, Canada and Europe.

She was a member of Spark Movement Collective, a NYC-based dance company and danced for other choreographers such as Ayako Takahashi, Yuki Hasegawa (Azul Dance) and Connie Procopio.

As a figure skater she performed with “Art on Ice“, where she worked with choreographers Marvin A. Smith and Salome Brunner.

Interested in outreach, Noemi joined Connie Procopio to teach and perform at the Women‘s Correctional Institution in Connecticut.

Meanwhile Noemi kept working on her own choreographies, showing her pieces at different venues in New York and Switzerland.

Her solo “For Rosa“ was premiered at the “New York Fringe Festival“ in 2010.


After 8 years in New York City, Noemi moved back to Switzerland in fall 2017.

She has been concentrating mainly on choreographing and teaching, both of which she enjoys very much.

"Noemi Di Gregorio fills every moment she is on stage with pizzazz and energy."

- Joseph Samuel Wright,

dancer-choreographer-figure skater-teacher
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